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About Us

Company Profile
  • Established in 1980, Giriraj Agencies and Giriraj Trading Corporation took off with trading and marketing activity of a�?Abrasive productsa�� and then diversified their business to a�?Interior productsa��.
  • Our basic endeavor is marketing of world class innovative products which India is yet to experience. We have been motivated by passion to ensure delivery of world class products and also to ensure quality of service to our esteemed customers.
  • A�Adore Solid Surfaces offers you excellence in quality thereby taking responsibility of providing quality products along with installation under one roof.
  • A�Our goal is to be the standard in luxury in commercial and residential spaces all across India. The various styles and designs of Adore are only the introductory elements in creating a lavish surrounding with a personal touch.
  • A�Over a period of time, Adore Solid Surfaces has grown with the industry and through hard work and strategic planning, we have grown into a company that services both specialized industry as well as everyday consumers in India.