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Adore Applications

Application of Adore Products

The design versatility of Adore allows it to be fabricated and formed into almost any shapes and sizes.A� Combined with Adorea��s ideal hygienic features and reparability, there are limitless possible applications.A� The comprehensive selection of colors and accessories, like integrated sinks and lavatory bowls, allows your imagination to run free when designing with Adore 100% Acrylic Solid Surface.

Residential Applications :

Countertops, wall coverings, wainscoting, vanities, aprons, window sills, thresholds, shelves, fireplace surround, bar tops, furniture, backsplashes, tabletops, shower walls, tub surrounds, sinks, and more.

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Commercial Applications :

Table tops, signs (inside use only), name plates, wall coverings, countertops, window sills, bar tops, furniture, partitions, thresholds, shelves, desktops, reception areas, retail displays, healthcare spaces, food preparations and service areas, and more.

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