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Adore Features

Characteristics of Adore 100% Acrylic Solid Surface
  • Easy to fabricate : Adore can be joined without visible seaming line using normal tools. Adore can also be fabricated into any shape envisioned by designers and architects.
  • Durability : Adore is as strong as natural stone and maintains its shape and beauty under any condition.
  • Thermal Stability : Thermal stability refers to the consistency of color and shape of the material when external heat is applied. Adore Solid Surface has excellent heat resistant properties compared to other well-known surfacing materials.
  • Chemical Resistance : Chemical resistance refers to the constancy of color and shape of the material against acid, alkali and organic solvent. Adore has strong chemical resistance.
  • Non-porous : This property ensures that Adore is always free from germs, mildew and bacteria thereby making it the perfect choice for residential and commercial applications.
  • Easy to Maintain and repair : Adore has strong water resistance and it features both an impermeable surface and full dimensional coloring. As it is water impermeable and can be easily cleaned and polished, any surface damage such as scratches can be easily removed, allowing you to restore its new look finish.