Every element of this nature's masterpiece has been shaped for millions of years, carving its own identity. Apparently, it took us time to study and to incorporate Himalaya's rich hues, distinct textures, and longevity.

And, the result is a product that gives you liberty, durability, and inspiration to create spaces, right through your vision; the spaces that will be adored by experts and admirers alike.

The Himalayas have influenced generations from time immemorial. However, our sliver will imbue the times ahead. We aim to transform the 'peak of accomplishment' into a 'peak of creativity'.

Adore® Solid Surface Transforms Creativity Into Reality.


Established in 1980, Giriraj Agencies and Giriraj Trading Corporation took off with Trading and Marketing activities of Abrasive products and then diversified their business to Solid Surfaces in 2009 atop a new vertical- Adore® Solid Surfaces.

Over a period of time, Adore® Solid Surfaces has grown with the industry and through in-depth product knowledge and personal touch, we have grown into an organization that services both specialized industry as well as everyday consumers in India.

Our basic endeavour is marketing of world class innovative products which India is yet to experience. We have been motivated by passion to ensure delivery of world class products and also to ensure quality of service to our esteemed customers.

Our constant goal is to move towards the Peak of Creation in commercial and residential spaces all across India. The various attributes of Adore® are only the introductory elements in creating a lavish surrounding with a personal touch.

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